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Introducing new music by Annie Garretson!

about annie's music


Annie’s music is an offering and a sincere desire for connection that finds the common elements in our humanity. Insightful and playful, her lyrics create a mutual resonance with her audience that has a powerful and lasting effect. The natural world and interactions with it while hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, paddling or biking are primary influences in her songwriting; as well as relationships with family and friends.

My intention for my music is that it soothes and brings joy to those who hear it. When I play and/or sing, I can’t help but be touched by sharing the vibration with my listeners. I believe that sending a message through song can act as a prayer when we feel there’s nothing else to be done.

I understand that everything is connected,
that all roads meet, and that all rivers flow into the same sea.

-Paulo Coelho

new album release


This River of Life captures the twists and turns of life from a bit more weathered place than my previous compilations. Like any natural form left in the elements, I’ve felt the effects of sun and storm, fire and flood, as all do, and that collective exposure rolled into the creation of this album. I’m guessing there are shared threads of insight with anyone who has taken the time to consider how we all fit together on this winding path. If it resonates with you, I’d be interested in hearing about that. Thank you for listening.

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